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one word more(もう一言)、  a few〔little〕more(もう少し)、  many〔much〕more(もっとたくさん)、  once more(もう一度)、  no more~(もう~ない)
I have no more to say. (私はもう言うことはない)
He is more lucky than clever.
〔比較〕He is luckier than his brother.
more than~「~以上」
It will take more than five years to build a new plant.
no more than~「たった~しかない」
He has no more than(=only)a thousand yen.
〔比較〕He doesn’t have more than(=He has at most)a thousand yen.
 (彼は1,000円以上はもっていない ―― 1,000円以下)
no more~than・・・「・・・でないと同様に~ではない」
He is no more capable of reading Chinese than I am.
〔比較〕He is not more capable of reading Chinese than I am.
more or less「いくぶん」「多少」
There were some more or less seriously injured people.


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